Your pension may need to change soon - but it will not go down

We are consulting with all pensioner and dependant members who have Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP) benefits in the Scheme. This is about our proposed method to address a technical inconsistency relating to some historical GMP benefits following a legal ruling made by the high court. This technical inconsistency occurred because between 1990 and 1997, the UK government treated GMPs for men and women differently and as a result male and female GMPs remain unequal in some cases. This is commonly known in the pensions industry as ‘GMP equalisation’ and affects a large number of pension schemes, like ours, in the UK.

Before we make any changes, we are consulting with all affected members (pensioner and dependant members with GMP benefits in the Scheme) on how we propose to address GMP equalisation. We will consider any comments received during the consultation before making a final decision. We will then write to all affected members in May/June 2022 with an update on the consultation and next steps. This consultation has now closed.

Further details

If you are a pensioner or dependant member of the Scheme with GMP benefits, you should have recently received a letter which provides further details about the proposal along with an accompanying Q&A insert. If you have not received this information, want to check if the consultation applies to you, or have any questions or comments on the proposal, please contact Capita, the Scheme administrators:

  • By calling: 0345 604 5316
  • By emailing:
  • By post: FDR Limited Pension Scheme, Capita, PO Box 555, Stead House, Darlington, DL1 9YT