An overview of the Scheme

As a member of the DC Section of the Scheme, money was paid into your Member Account by you and the Company before the Scheme closed. This money remains invested and, when you retire, you can use the value of your Member Account to provide your retirement benefits.

The Scheme closed on 31 August 2013, and no further contributions are paid into the Scheme.

Contributions that have been paid by you and FDR will remain invested in the Scheme until such time as you either retire or transfer your Member Account to another pension provider.

As no contributions will be paid into the Scheme, your Member Account relies on investment growth to boost your retirement income.

Click here to find out more about investing.

You can find out where your funds are currently invested, and make changes to your investment choices, by logging into your Hartlink Online account by clicking the ‘Log in’ button at the top of the screen.

If you are a deferred member of the Scheme click here to access information on your deferred account including:

  • your FDR contributions
  • an estimate of your pension on retirement
  • a pension planner, and
  • details of your current investment choices and other options available to you

You can also use the site to update your personal details, for example, if you change your address.

Who runs the Scheme?

The Scheme is administered by a Trustee Board. The contributions made by you and the Company were paid to a trust fund that is entirely separate from the Company or any employer assets. The Scheme is registered with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC), which means that both you and the Scheme benefit from certain levels of tax relief.

This site provides a simple explanation of the main aspects of the Scheme. For full details of the Scheme’s rules, you should refer to the Trust Deed and Rules. A copy is available on request from the FDR Limited Pension Scheme helpline; you can find their contact details on the Contact us page. In the event of any inconsistency between this site, or any previous announcements, and the provisions set out in the Trust Deed and Rules, the Trust Deed and Rules will prevail.